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Two dates where I was probably settling, compromising and giving in, just to go on dates. Not at all, they were perfectly normal, fine people, just not the match for me. It’s literally a 40 minute survey asking you the same question 37 different ways. First thing you have to do is fill out the SATs of online dating. That’s always kind of awkward when you’re supposed to be “working”. You’re going to continue reading without telling any of your hot female co-workers? I had some other titles in work for this blog, but they just didn’t capture the essence of what I was trying to say. A “computer” matches you up based on “29 levels of compatibility”, which I’m fine with. Because you’re thinking, wow some super computer down at Eharmony headquarters is crunching vectors and differential equations just to find my perfect mate, and everyday you log in and see new matches, that you think are hand picked from the computer gods above. I mean, I feel bad if you’re at work right now reading this, and the biggest letters on your screen involve the words FUCK YOU. So after you completed their riddles and questions, you then can start receiving “matches”, hurray!

So it’s no surprise that the girls have been linked to some of the hottest guys in Hollywood, even though sometimes those stories are just plain FALSE.

Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Location: Atheneum Visitors Center, 401 N.

Children’s Doll Tea Party Saturday, May 27, 2 PM at Hoosier Salon. Children’s Flower Pot Painting Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18, 1 PM-3 PM at Hoosier Salon. Children’s Make ‘n Take Decorations Saturday, December 3, 11 AM-2 PM at Hoosier Salon. April Exhibit-12th Annual “Field to Finish” Wednesday, April 20, 5-7 PM– Exhibit Opening Reception (Exhibit on display April 20 –May 29) Exhibit features a “field study” done by artists at the 2015 First Brush of Spring and a studio painting of the same subject done during the year.

Hardeman had stops along the way at other stations, along with ABC Radio Networks in Dallas where he hosted a nationwide country music countdown show for several years.

Both Hardeman and Blonstein have joined forces to produce “Politically Incoherent,” which pokes fun at everything from the Tea Party to Obamacare and Sarah Palin and Fox News to Donald Trump.

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