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that seems to go against the general grain of most of the articles published then. Why I Quit Being So Accommodating Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of my retirement from the business of being a Good Fellow. Until five years ago, if the city directory had told the truth, it would have listed after my name, as my real occupation, something like, “General Attender to Things,” or “Pinch Hitter,” or “Fine Old Scout.” I hope I am entitled in some measure to these designations even to-day.

Merrilee is a charming and conscientious host who ensures that guests are truly welcome, and the price can't be beat for the location." -- Emma, Brooklyn, NY "I would like to thank you again for the very good accommodations you provided me.From eleven-thirty until two o’clock I spent in a bitter ordeal of self-examination. “More than half of your life has already been spent. For weeks I had to school myself in the hard business of saying “No.” But five years have made the cure almost complete. ” Why is it that everybody imposes upon the hapless proprietor of a drug store?Surely, if life means anything at all, it means that each of us is entrusted with a certain irreplaceable fund of hours and weeks and years. No one ever runs into a butcher shop, and asks, “Would you mind watching Willie until I come back?Kristina Vitale--Thanks for your help creating the template for the summer work for students. ~Nan Kristina Vitale--Thanks for your help with putting together the bulletin board in the board room.I so appreciate all you do and help everywhere.~Nan Susy Griffith--Thanks for your leadership and work with the Griffin Go Green Club.

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And sometimes just saying yes is the easiest way out (see: placating a demanding mother-in-law). Other research finds that when we do things for other people, our brains light up in areas associated with pleasure and reward.

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