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Wondering if any of you vintage Fender amp guys can help me narrow down its. My friend Larry Horowitz did the recone job on a vintage JBL D. DATING FENDER TRANSFORMERS, SPEAKERS POTENTIOMETERS. Ese mismo que te fums con intencin de disfrutarlo hasta la ltima bocanada, ese que sabs que se esfuma y lejos. F 15 speaker, this appears to be a Showman 15 cabinet. F speaker could handle just about anything you could pump through it. Would have more of an inpact on price than a speaker. Loudspeakers, components, and equipment for the vintage musical instrument enthusiast. Subsequently, Jensen speakers in the 40s, 50s, and 60s became commonly featured in major amplifier production, including amplifiers produced by Fender, Ampeg, and Gibson.One question we're often asked is "how old is my speaker?" And if your speaker is in reasonably good condition, then it is straightforward to find this out for yourself.The speakers remained heavily sought-after as replacements for amplifiers originally manufactured with Jensen speakers.

S nominal because speaker impedance actually varies. The 6 digit code indicates what manufacturer made the speaker and when it was made.Here is a list of some of the speaker manufacturers and their EIA codes: So, the speaker in the image above would have been made by Jensen (220) during the 27th week of 1951 or 1961. F speaker single dating fathers entirely free single. Below is a collection of specification sheets and brochures.

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The codes are added on the production line and are placed on the speaker's chassis leg, on the front gasket or on a label on the magnet edge.

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