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, avoiding The Others, wrestling with boars and scrapping over a girl is all in a day's work for Josh Holloway. I wanted to be a fireman and a doctor..." We're sure a TV star wouldn't be too far down the list.3.

And not before time - the actor was stranded in a wilderness of failed pilots and little-seen indie films for eight years before landing his big break at the age of 36. Josh's first job was shovelling chicken carcasses.4.

Throughout the 1990s, he traveled, working as a runway model.

So, for me, that is a weight.”Josh Holloway was born July 20, 1969 in San Jose, California.

But is the island's hellraiser actually a bit of a softie in real life? Josh worked as a male model before turning to acting and admits to taking part in some pretty odd photoshoots in his day. The pyjamas had different animal prints and our hair was styled to look like the animal.

He is very handsome and ladies are absolutely crazy for him.His mother worked as a nurse and his father completed two years of medical school before dropping out.His parents' medical training often came in handy because Holloway and his three brothers roughhoused constantly.Unfortunately his vampire character was dispatched by the hero in the opening minutes of the very first episode.6.Josh has a soft spot for actress Jessica Alba, but is not averse to more veteran stars.

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