Yahoo sports fantasy football not updating

You can download the R script for comparing the projections from different sources here.

It’s a matter of what you and your buds are most comfortable with, and your preference might change from year to year because of your personal financial situation.The rows represent the different sources of predictions (e.g., ESPN, CBS) and the columns represent the different measures of accuracy for the last four years and the average across years.The source with the best measure for each metric is in blue.I’ve really been preparing for this article since i OS 2.0 and the release of the App Store.Yahoo Sports started life as Citizen Sports, and it was one of the first apps I installed.

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Morris has no fantasy value for the 2017-2018 season, and should not be rostered. Todman may be on the roster bubble as the Jets inch closer towards the season opener, as the team is currently carrying more than five running backs during the preseason.

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