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Spend time alone joyfully by journaling, reading, and meditating.Now is the time to do that one thing you always meant to do but kept putting off.Stuart had indulged in a short entangled affair with his secretary five years earlier.

Some people cheat to escape boredom; others to escape conflict in the relationship.Shame is usually prompted by a sense of humiliation because a person believes he/she has made a mistake.So if anyone should feel shame, it ought to be your partner, right?Moving on from your marriage won't be easy, but if it's the right thing for you, it will be worth the journey. This is a time when you may think you're going crazy with mood swings and harsh self-criticism.Luckily, there are many ways you can ease the pain and make the process as healthy and productive as possible. The more you hold onto the past, the more you will recreate it in your present moment and in the future. Feel and dive into the pain without denial of its presence. Learn to face and overcome your fears by taking a close look at your anxiety over the marriage ending, and ask yourself if it is truly valid.

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No one gets married so that they can get a divorce. You cannot heal what you do not recognize consciously.

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